New Procedures for Attendance during Online Learning (1/13/21)

Due to the current pandemic, our attendance office is currently closed. To report absences parent/guardian(s) can email the attendance clerks (listed below). Emails are answered in the order they are received and following regular office hours 7am-3:30pm Mon-Fri.

Debido a la pandemia actual, nuestra oficina de asistencia está actualmente cerrada. Para informar las ausencias, padres / tutores pueden enviar un correo electrónico a las secretarias de asistencia (que se enumeran a continuación). Los correos electrónicos se responden en el orden en que se reciben y siguiendo el horario habitual de oficina de 7 am a 3:30 pm de lunes a viernes.

Dahil sa pandemya, ang Attendance office ay kasalukuyang sarado. Upang iulat ang pagliban o pag absent ng mag-aaral, ang mga magulang o tagapag-alaga ay maaaring mag-email sa attendance clerks (nakalista sa ibaba). Ang mga emails ay sasagutin ayon sa pagkakasunod sunod ng pagtanggap sa mga ito. Ang mga emails ay sasagutin sa oras ng tanggapan, Lunes hanggang Biyernes, simula 7:00 am hanggang 3:30 pm.

Nilda Natanauan (Tagolog speaker)
[email protected]

Karen Ayala (Spanish speaker)
[email protected]


Morse High School Attendance Expectations

  • Students will be at school each school day
  • Students will be in all assigned classrooms on time
  • Students will stay in their assigned classes for the entire period
  • Only an official signed Hall Pass can excuse a tardy

"Compulsory Attendance Laws require that parents send their children to school."

The law further states that students must attend every scheduled session of every class, even if failure is imminent. The law applies to all students until 18 years of age. Once a student attains the age of 18 years they become a guest and can be removed from enrollment if academic progress, attendance or behavior are not acceptable.

Parents/Guardians must report all absences within 72 hours by:
having the student bring a signed note (including phone number) from a parent/guardian to the attendance office explaining the reason for the absence, or
calling the attendance office at  619-510-4700, ext. 2040 or 2041

New enrollments/withdrawls, ext 2084.
Whole day absences not cleared within 72 hours will be recorded as truancies and cannot be cleared after that time.

Excused absences

are illness, special medical conditions or medical appointments that cannot be scheduled at other times, the death of an immediate family member, personal religious holidays, and approved school functions.

Period absences

may be cleared ahead of time through the use of an off campus pass or blue slip from the attendance office. It is the student's responsibility to see that those absences are cleared.


is any absence of 30 minutes or more that remains unexcused after 72 hours. Saturday school and other disciplinary actions will be assigned to truant students.

Attendance Office Phone#  619-510-4700 ext. 2040, 2041,2084

Parents, please call within 72 hours of absence.

Contract of Independent Study (CIS) - is used to excuse the absences for students who will miss 5 to 20 days for legitimate reasons. The parent and student must notify the Attendance Office of their intentions a minimum of 5 school days prior to the leave date. All paperwork must be completed and signed by the appropriate people prior to the leave date. The CIS is not available to Special Education students unless the IEP specially provides for participation in a CIS. A CIS may be declined to a student who does not have satisfactory academic and citizenship grades and/or a good attendance record
Tardiness - Students will be at school and in classroom on time. The importance of punctuality and it's carry-over value to college, the workplace, and life in general, cannot be emphasized enough. Recognizing this, Morse will promote student success by adhering to a tardy policy that includes three components: warning bells, tardy sweep/passes, and a classroom tardy procedure.

Tardy sweeps will be conducted on a regular basis. Students who are tardy will be sent to the cafeteria to receive a tardy pass.

1st Tardy Teacher Counsels student.

Consequence: Student warned!

2nd Tardy

Teacher contacts parent, i.e. phone, email, returned signed note. Consequence: 10 minute detention with teacher

3rd Tardy

Teacher contacts parent again!
Consequence: Teacher prepares - 30minute detention with teacher

4th Tardy

Referral to Attendance Coordinator;
Consequence: assigns student to 1 hour after school In-School-Suspension

5th Tardy

Referral to Attendance Coordinator

Consequence: assigns student to 1 day In-School-Suspension

6th Tardy

Referral to Attendance Coordinator
Consequence: assigns student to 2 days In-School-Suspension
*4th Tardy Plus-Teacher prepares referral and submits it to Vice Principal

7+ Tardy

Consequences: Assigns 1 day Saturday School

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